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PT Dipsol Indonesia

  • In 1953 Toshio Igarashi founded Toei Chemical Co., Ltd. to develop, manufacture, and sell high-quality metal cleaners.
  • In 1965, DIPSOL developed the world’s first commercially reliable non-cyanide zinc plating process and promoted worldwide sales.
  • In 1968, the company name was changed to Dipsol Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • In 1969, Dipsol made international sales efforts by expanding exports to Europe, the United States, and Asian Countries. From here Dipsol Chemicals Co., Ltd. developed the company in several countries.
  • In 2012, Dipsol established PT Dipsol Indonesia which until now continues to provide the best service to customers both export and import. PT. Dipsol Indonesia manufactures products directly and sells to customers and provides technical services to customers.

List of Dipsol Groups:

1. Dipsol Chemicals Japan CO., Ltd
2. Dipsol of America., Inc.
3. Dipsol of Korea
4. Dipsol (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd
5.  Wuxi Fan Da Surface Processing Technology Co., Ltd
6. Dipsol Malaysia
7. Dipsol Thailand
8. Dipsol Mexico
9. Dipsol Europe GmbH

Quality Policy

We wish to make every effort to provide products in timely with appropriate price, stable quality for customer satisfaction.

Mission statement

We, PT. Dipsol Indonesia will serve our value customers, through promote product that exceed their expectation with competitive cost, high quality and on time delivery.

Company Profile

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Pelanggan Utama Kami


Industri Otomotif / Sepeda Motor

Komponen power steering, AC, komponen rem hidrolik, dan untuk sebagian besar komponen di bawah kap mesin dan pendukung engine, mur dan baut.

Manufaktur elektronik dan Industri Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Cleat, kabel tv koaksial, konektor dalam dan luar ruangan, semua perlengkapan logam yang mempercepat sebagian besar masa produktifnya di lingkungan korosif. Perabotan rangka besi baja batangan, peralatan teknik, dan lembaran logam.

Industri Konstruksi

Pemasangan Mekanis: paku keling sekrup, automatic piercer, paku keling dan pembentukan kunci, braket, sambungan dan bagian fungsional mekanis.



Pretreatment is to clean all dirt stuck to the surface material and activate the metal material surface before plating process.

→ Types of dirt attached to the material:
Dirt that comes from the process of making the material or post-treatment afterwards. Dirt that is due to the reaction: rust, monkey (scale, and smut).


Plating is widely used to protect against corrosion.

→ Automotive, Aerospace, Office Equipment, Home Electronics,
Optical Instruments, Architectural Tools, etc.


Chromating is the conversion coating process of depositing an oxide layer over a metal surface to enable the metal to react with the oxide layer. This forms a layer of passivated metal chromate on the surface.

→ Chromating usually works like a coat of paint on zinc, protecting the zinc surface from white corrosion, and improving durability of zinc components several times over, depending on thickness of the coat. Darker coatings of chromate provide higher corrosion resistance, thus enhancing the lifespan.